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Marathon Faial Coast to Coast (MFCC)

Run the island from coast to coast along the historical trails, ending your adventure in the Caldeira of Faial, the Island's Largest volcano.

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5,486 FT+
5,667 FT-



Itra Mfcc

​The Marathon Faial Coast to Coast (MFCC) is a race steeped in Faial Island's history and natural beauty, allowing participants to traverse the island from one coast to the other. This 42 km challenge is a modern-day reflection of the routes once used by Faialenses to connect their parishes and transport essential goods, offering a unique blend of cultural heritage and athletic endeavor.

The course takes runners through the central parish of Ribeirinha, near the historic Porto da Boca da Ribeira, and across landscapes defined by tectonic faults. This geologically active terrain contributes to the race's significant elevation changes, with an ascent of 5,486 ft+ and a descent of 5,667 ft, presenting a formidable challenge to even seasoned runners.

What makes the MFCC particularly memorable is its finish line at the Capelinhos Volcano, a symbol of Faial's dynamic natural history. The volcano, known for its last eruption in 1957, offers a dramatic and iconic conclusion to the race. Finishing the marathon at Capelinhos allows runners to end their journey at one of the island's most significant geological sites, adding a profound sense of achievement and awe to the experience.

Support for participants is available at two key gas stations along the route, located in Parque do Cabouco and Parque do Capelo, ensuring that runners are well-equipped to tackle this challenging course.

The Marathon Faial Coast to Coast thus becomes more than just a physical test; it's a journey through the heart of Faial's landscape, culminating in a dramatic finale at the Capelinhos Volcano, where the power and beauty of nature are on full display.

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