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Itra Mfcc
Marathon Faial Coast to Coast (MFCC42k)


This trail starts in the center of Ribeirinha parish, near the old port – Boca da Ribeira Port. Along its 42 km, we are transported to other times when the inhabitants used these “roads” to carry goods between the villages, by their means or aided by animals.


Passing by a lighthouse, destroyed in the big seismic crisis of 1998 that keeps reminding us of the volcanic nature of these islands and their people, a big part of the trail is made in the biggest and most spectacular “graben” of the archipelago, a big piece of land that collapsed between two tectonic faults. Passing by Lomba Grande, the slope of one of these faults, the trail ends at the central caldera, the biggest and most important volcano of the island, where the Ten Volcanoes Trail starts.


The trail passes by areas of the Nature Park of Faial, considered a European Destiny of Excellence (EDEN) by the European Commission, and it is the only area in Portugal with this classification. It transports us to a journey in time, in the history of the geology of Faial. It goes from coast to coast, following the formation of the island, from East to West. This trail starts in lands with about 800 thousand years, passes by a central area with 450 thousand years, and ends in one of the most important geologic places in the world, the dormant Capelinhos Volcano.

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