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Conheça as Outras Percursos da Azores Trail Run® Whalers´Great Route
Learn about the other Routes from Azores Trail Run® Whalers´Great Route

Mini Family Trail (MFT)

This trail will be a competition for beginners and aims to attract new people to the practice of this sport and physical activity.


The route will go through beaten earth roads and trails of a very low level of difficulty. It also aims at population in general to let them know the feeling of participating in this type of events and make them fall in love with it.  It is allowed to run or walk.


This trail crosses the most recent volcanic cones of Faial Island and ends at Portugal’s youngest territory, Capelinhos Volcano, an authentic moonscape, where it is possible to step on terrain formed mainly by ashes, tuff and volcanic bombs, and 59 years old only. It ends at Porto do Comprido, at the sea level, on the main and largest whaling station of the Azores between 1940 and 1957.

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