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Conheça as Outras Percursos da Azores Trail Run® Whalers´Great Route
Learn about the other Routes from Azores Trail Run® Whalers´Great Route

Family Race

The perfect level for getting started in trail running and following the challenge with those you love the most.




354 D+
614 D-


We believe that the greatest achievements always happen close to those we love the most, so the Family Trail is the perfect challenge for trail running beginners and fans of physical activity. ​

The race aims to generate constant interest in the sport, so it is defined by dirt roads and trails with a low degree of difficulty. It can be done as a run or a walk. You decide, because the challenge is yours!​

You will get to know places like the Capelinhos Volcano, where the last volcanic eruption of the Azores happened in 1957, and Porto do Comprido, which was the main whaling station of the Azores between 1940 and 1957.​

Accept this challenge and come run on Faial Island.
Terms of responsibility for minors.

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