+ 1330 m   - 1830 m
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Trail Ten Volcanoes (TTV)

Bib Collect: July 29th and 30th

Race Start: Saturday, July 31st, 10 am

Limit Time: 7 hours

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Perfil Trail Ten Volcanoes
Trail Ten Volcanoes (TTV)

The Trail Ten Volcanoes, as the name indicates, starts at one and most spectacular volcanic calderas of the planet and passes, along its 25 km, by the 10 most important volcanoes of Capelo Peninsula’s fissural alignment. Biodiversity and geodiversity are a constant on this course, standing out the astonishing landscapes of this peninsula, where a great part of the Azores endemic plants can be found in its natural state.


This trail crosses the most recent volcanic cones of Faial Island and ends at Portugal’s youngest territory, Capelinhos Volcano, an authentic moonscape, where it is possible to step on only 57 years old terrain formed mainly by ashes, tuff and volcanic bombs. It ends at Porto do Comprido, at the sea level, on the main and largest whaling station of the Azores between 1940 and 1957.