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Ultra Blue Island (UBI)

As the namesake of the event, the Ultra Blue Island (UBI) race offers a remarkable journey through Faial Island's most iconic locations. This race tests the endurance and skill of its participants and serves as a vivid tour of the island's diverse landscapes and significant landmarks. It's an immersive experience that blends the challenge of a trail race with the unique opportunity to explore and appreciate Faial Island's natural and cultural beauty.




8,030 FT+
7,883 FT-



Itra UBI

The Ultra Blue Island (UBI) 65 km race, embarking from the historic São Sebastião Fort in Horta, immediately treats runners to one of the most stunning vistas in the world - the Horta Bay. Recognized for its breathtaking beauty, the bay sets a majestic backdrop for the race's first miles, infusing the journey's beginning with awe-inspiring views.

The challenging 8,030 ft+ / 7,883ft- gradient reflects the island's unique tectonic structure, offering a diverse and demanding terrain. Participants traverse magnificent locations like Praia de Porto Pim, Monte da Guia, Monte das Moças, the vibrant Horta Marina, and the serene Praia do Almoxarife.

Throughout the course, runners are buoyed by the support of Faial's communities at five fueling stations: Império da Lomba, Império Vermelho da Ribeirinha, Parque Florestal do Cabouco, Levada (Cedros), and Parque Florestal do Capelo. These stations provide physical support and a warm, communal atmosphere, making the UBI race an exemplary experience of physical endurance intertwined with cultural engagement.

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