Itra UBI
Ultra Blue Island

The Ultra Blue Island (UBI) starts at Forte de São Sebastião, the ancient maritime defense fortification of Faial, whose construction dates back to the early seventeenth century.


Along the 65 km of this trail, the athletes will find emblematic places of rare beauty, like Porto Pim Beach, Monte da Guia, Monte Queimado, Monte das Moças (Observatory Prince Albert of Monaco), Horta marina, and the avenue by the sea.


They will run on ancient access paths and trails to the primitive village of Horta. The route goes through the fractured terrain of Faial’s Eastern Coast, a region deeply worked by tectonics, starting in Espalamaca and characterized by a complex tectonic structure, dominated by roughly parallel faults, direction WNW-ESSE, which is a local manifestation of Faial-Pico Fracture.


Some of these fractures have large high areas, locally called “Lombas” and deep areas called “Afundamentos”, flanked by large cliffs of exposed boulders, such as the graben of Praia do Almoxarife (Pedro Miguel) parish. This graben is an imposing geological formation, plunging into the sea in the small beach that gave the parish its name. Several volcanic cones and lava flows arose due to this tectonic activity.


After Ribeirinha parish, the athletes shall follow the route of Marathon Faial Coast to Coast (MFCC)