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Azores Trail Run® is a non-profit organization that has been running Trail Running events in the Azores Islands since 2012 with the purpose of:

  • develop and spread the practice of Trail Running in the Azores

  • improvement the local economy of the islands where the event takes place during low tourist seasons

  • promote the image of the Azorean Islands around the world as a destination for nature and for practicing outdoor sports of excellence.

  • promote sports practice and health maintenance of the Azorean people


In 2012, Azores Trail Run® held its first event, the 10 Volcano Trail on Faial Island, with 22k and 25 participants. Just 7 years later, in 2019, it held 5 events on 7 islands with the participation of over 1500 athletes from over 30 nationalities.

In addition, in 2019, the organization invited and welcomed Team Salomon Elite Athletes who run on the trails of 4 Azorean islands during the Salomon Annual Trail Camp.

Our focus:

>>conducting events of excellence both for the conditions of the trail and the variety of terrain and landscapes, as well as in all the details of the organization, whether at aid stations, support for athletes, in relation to the municipalities and parishes where the events runs, etc.

>> innovation, which, among others, led us to the creation of Triangle Adventure, the first Trail Running Stage Race with 3-day, 3-islands, 3-trails, that is so successful that in 2019 led us to repeat the formula on the 2 Westernmost Islands of Europe, Flores Island and Corvo Island, in a 3 day event in 2 islands.

And the excellence of our events can be confirmed in the growing numbers of annual events and participants in each event, as well as the recognition of international and national entities such as:
- ITRA - International Trail Running Association - of which Azores Trail Run® is associated
- UTWT - Ultra Trail Word Tour - an worldwide very important circuit circuit that includes Whalers' Great Route Ultra-Trail® (WGRUT) 
- UTMB - Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - World's largest Trail Running event for which our events count for qualifying points
- 100 Miles Western States Endurance Run - mythical proof for which athletes can also qualify during WGRUT
- ATRP - Portuguese Trail Running Association, which in partnership with Azores Trail Run® has already held 2 Portuguese Cup Finals in the Azorean Islands (Graciosa and Flores)
- Salomon - who after conducting the Trail Camp in the Azores at the invitation of the Azores Trail Run®, will bring in 2020 the final of the Golden Trail National Series for the Azores.


In 2019, 611k of Azores Trails were covered during the Azores Trail Run® events with a total positive slope of 28,100m

Every year, during the Whalers' Great Route Ultra-Trail®, about 3000 bananas are consumed at

the aid stations.

Since 2019 Azores Trail Run® has used reusable flags to mark the trails and reduce it ecological footprint. Unfortunately, many are stolen before the end of the race...

In 2019, athletes of 30 nationalities joined the Whalers' Great Route Ultra-Trail®

Gene Dykes ultra blue island azores trail run

Gene Dykes, USA

Challenging course, varied and interesting scenery, extremely friendly organization.

ultra blue island azores trail run

Alex Cawthorne, England

Amazing views... amazing island... and amazing people. The race was excellently organised, and everyone were super friendly and helpful.. I can’t recommend this run enough

ultra blue island azores trail runMirna

Mirna Valério, USA

This is one of the most beautiful and epic courses I’ve ever been on! It is challenging and perhaps forced you to question your sanity, but then you are greeted a with a view of Pico!

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