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ultra blue island azores trail run

Whalers Great Route Ultra-Trail® (WGR)

The Whalers Great Route Ultra-Trail® (WGR) is a majestic race paying tribute to the Azores' rich whaling heritage. Participants journey through historical whaling sites and stunning biodiversity and geodiversity areas, immersing in a landscape where history and natural beauty intertwine. This race not only challenges the athletes but also connects them deeply with the cultural and environmental legacy of the region.




15,192 FT+
15,243 FT-




The Whalers Great Route Ultra-Trail® (WGR) is more than just a race; it's a profound journey through the heart of the Azores' whaling history and natural splendor. From the historic Salão whaling station, runners traverse a challenging course with a dramatic elevation change, connecting with the cultural soul of the Azores.
Landmarks like the São Sebastião Fort, the Angústias Whaling Complex, and the marginal Avenue aren't just checkpoints but narrators of a bygone era. The trail winds through the Faial Natural Park, a European Destination of Excellence, showcasing the archipelago's commitment to preserving its extraordinary landscape.
The race culminates at Porto do Comprido, a site steeped in whaling history, now part of the esteemed Azores Geopark, recognized by UNESCO. This spot symbolizes the transition from a past deeply entwined with whaling to a future focused on conservation and awareness.
Engulfed in the enthusiastic support of the Faial community and fueled by 11 strategically located Gas Stations, runners experience a unique blend of challenge and camaraderie. The WGR also serves as a gateway to prestigious events like the WESTERN STATES ENDURANCE RUN, offering qualification opportunities for top-tier runners. Its status as an ITRA scorer, a UTMB 100K Qualifier, and a Series 150 race in the Associação de Trail Running de Portugal circuit underscores its significance in the global running community.
This race is a physical challenge and an homage to the Azorean people's enduring spirit and harmonious relationship with the sea and the land. It’s an invitation to experience the Azores' legacy, beauty, and resilience in the most immersive way possible.

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